Damian, Nekaj Damijan Podversic, Nekaj

GRAPE: 100% Nekaj
REGION: Gorizia, Friuli Venezia Giulia

GOOD TO KNOW:  Damijan Podversic started as a young man to take care of the few family vineyards, learning everything you could learn about wine from his only teacher: the great Josko Gravner. To join him in the complicated management of the cellar-dwelling is the wife Elena, who for years is an absolute point of reference for Damijan. The most important vineyards of the winery, as well as small parcels scattered in the Collio, is located on the south-facing wooded slopes of Mount Calvario, near Gorizia, in a pristine environment that is perfect for growing grapes healthy and rich in taste. The wine-growing practice that is strictly organic, absolutely careful balance and health of plants. Damijan did well to create a truly unique wine, avoiding the use of modern refining and standardizing practices, but, on the contrary, preferring the use of natural winemaking techniques learned from the master Josko.
TASTE: Complex and elegant, with hints of citrus and hazelnuts, with pleasant herbal notes. deep, intense and balanced taste



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