Saša, Sivi Radikon


GRAPE: Pinot Grigio
REGION: Oslavia, Friuli Venezia Giulia


GOOD TO KNOW: The orange wine revolution began here, in Oslavia, over 25 years ago and Radikon is one of its leading players. Saša Radikon and his father started macerating their wines in 1995, and from that date until the early 2000s, the evolution has been quick: from a few days of maceration in the beginning, until up to a one-year experiment. Oslavia is a small historical center, Italian is the “lingua franca” here, but German, Slovenian and an ancient dialect called Resian are also spoken.”Sivi” is how Pinot Grigio is called in Slovenian language. “Radikon's” 11 hectares of vines were originally planted by Stanko's grandfather Franz Mikulus.

TASTE: full-bodied, expressive and mineral , 8-14 days of maceration, the colour is copper.The nose offers cherries, tropical fruit, orange, amaretto, hints of red fruit. The mouthfeel is elegant, mineral, persistent and salty with a pear drop finish.

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