Giancarlo & Francesco, Nosiola Salvetta, Nosiola

GRAPE: 100% Nosiola
REGION: Madruzzo, Trentino Alto Adige

GOOD TO KNOW: A three generation of winemakers for this small and beautiful estate, situated in northern Italy in the jutting cliffs of the Dolomites. Dario Salvetta purchased the Rauten farm in the early 1930's and made the region's famed sweet wine (first made in the region in the 16th century) for decades. Now, his son Giancarlo has taken over and, in turn, passed the family winemakers' tradition to his son Francesco. All strictly organic farming practices (certified since 2012) have been used from the start, and Salvetta (a formal winery since 2009) makes truly fantastic wines in a clean and natural way. A truly Nothern Italian deliciousness!
TASTE: pleasant white flowers back by citrus and pear come through on the nose, leading to a fresh, yet weighty mouth feel that displays tones of hazelnuts and clean salinity.


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