Angelo & his daughters, Sikele Bianco– Cantina Marilina Terre Siciliane, Grecanico


GRAPE: 100% Grecanico
REGION: Siracusa, Sicily

GOOD TO KNOW: Angelo is a professional winemaker that after 25 years working in different wineries, bought his own piece of land¸ near the town of Pachino, famous for excellent tomatoes due to the rich soil of the area and also at the same time of the best viticulture areas in Sicily. Currently, his two daughters Marilina and Federica run the vineyard. They grow organically and favor strict minimal intervention and additives in the cellar, with an approach influenced by local natural winemaking master Frank Cornelissen. Almost half of the land is dedicated to polyculture in order to nurture the ecosystem. where he thought the land was one.

TASTE:Golden yellow, bold, dryness balances with acidity, medium to full bodied. Orange, citrus, lemon notes with earthy mushroom In the mounth almond hues, tangerine, juicy, rich with a beautiful salinity

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