Giusto e Tita, Cos Zibibbo in Phitos, Zibibbo

GRAPE: 100% Zibibbo
REGION:Vittoria, Sicily

GOOD TO KNOW: “COS” is the acronym of the last names of the founders of the winery in 1980: Giambattista Cilia, Giusto Occhipinti and Cirino Strano”
The winery is located in Vittoria, Sicily but they have some plots in Marsala as well, where the Zibibbo grapes, the local name for Muscat of Alexandria, come from. Giusto says that their wines are a beautiful representation of the Mediterranean climate and African red soil. Pithos means amphorae in Greek, a.k.a clay jars, in fact the wine aged in amphora. COS owns the biggest “Anforaia” of Europe, and they are legendary winegrowers in the natural wine field, not only in Sicily.
TASTE: Bright orange-tinged yellow. Medium bodied wine, clean and fresh, aromatic notes of orange, lime, grapefruit with a touch of funk. In the mouth you can find a salinity, tropical fruits, earthy, sharp end with a soft aftertaste.

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