Ilaria & Filippo, Filagnotti, Cascina degli Ulivi, Cortese Novi Ligure

GRAPE: 100% Cortese
REGION: Novi Ligure, Piemonte

GOOD TO KNOW: Cascina degli Ulivi by Stefano Bellotti is a biodynamic farm settled in the “Gavi” zone in Piedmont. Stefano Bellotti has been one of the pioneers of biodynamic agriculture in Italy, as he started in 1977 with organic agriculture and then, in 1984, started working following biodynamic principles. Stefano Bellotti has actually been one of the pioneers of natural wine making in Italy, representing an important experience and history to defend for the majority of nowadays natural producers. Since he sadly passed away in September 2018 his daughter Ilaria and Filippo is carrying on the huge work Stefano has done through the years. We met Ilaria last December 2018, she explained us how “Cascina degli Ulivi” is a self-sustaining farm, where everything, from vegetables to meat, from grains to wine is produced in the site. Really good job guys. 

TASTE: Medium-bodied, soft and fragrant, fruity and floral

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