Francesco, Montepulciano D`Abruzzo, Cirelli

GRAPE: 100% Montepulciano
REGION: Atri, Abruzzo

 GOOD TO KNOW: Cirelli is synonymous with the use of clay and terracotta amphorae for producing his highly characterful, deeply flavored Montepulciano wines. He deeply believes that by making his wine in “baked earth,” he is taking the concept of terroir to new and exciting heights, and stripping away the complications and unnecessary extra processes of contemporary winemaking. This winemaking literally puts the wine in touch with the earth, in touch with history, and in touch with simple, effective, and time-honoured methods - and the results are utterly delicious.

TASTE: a bright and refreshing take on Montepulciano. Youthful, clear ruby in colour. Strawberry, fresh herbs and slightly floral aromatics. Medium to full bodied with tons of ripe raspberry and strawberry on the palate. Medium tannins and refreshing acidity on the finish.

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