Giovanni, Sabbie di Sopra il Bosco Nanni Cope’, Terre del Volturno

GRAPE: Pallagrello Nero, Aglianico, Casavecchia
REGION: Castel Campagnano, Campania

GOOD TO KNOW: Giovanni Ascione, whose childhood nickname was Nanni Copé, founded the Azienda Agricola Nanni Copé  in 2007.  The wine is the fruit of his inner passion for wine, as well as of his encounter with a unique vineyard at Castel Campagnano, in the upper region of Caserta, Campania. It is a beautiful, unpolluted area, with vineyards alternating with woods. Vigna Sopra il Bosco is a true obsession. The plants are registered one by one and the whole vineyard is divided into sectors subject to different pruning, foliage management, surface management, and harvesting approaches. Giovanni’s guiding philosophy reflects the inner power of a wine from the south, expressed in a northern style. Trying to enhance the extraordinary qualities of the Pallagrello Nero through the exaltation of the utmost elegance and drinkability. A maximum expression of the terroir. The main grape is Pallagrello Nero, a late variety with a thick skin, austere, characterized by ultra-fine tannins, which produce wines of strong personality. Aglianico contributes structure and acidity to the wine. Both varieties are complemented by a small share of Casavecchia from centuries old un-grafted vinestocks, in the region of Ponteleone.
TASTE: In the mouth fresh and fruity, with returns of minerality and an extraordinary dynamism. The tannins are silky, and the alcohol is perfectly integrated for a long finish.


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