Nicola, Rivatonda Catalta

GRAPE:100% Cabarnet Franc 
REGION: Mussolente, Veneto 

 GOOD TO KNOW: the winery belongs to the Brunetti family. In the past the family sold their grapes to larger winemakers and produced a small amount of wine for friends and family. After a careful evaluation of the soil and sun exposure, the vineyards were replanted in 2009 in order to obtain the highest quality vines from the terroir. Since 2017 the winery has been lead by Nicola Brunetti who personally takes care of the entire production process, from field to cellar with a special focus on respecting the ecosystem and preserving the unique and authentic characteristics of Calalta’s terroir.

TASTE: Full, fruity, with soft tannins, persistent with a feeling of graphite and licorice.

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