Francesco & her daughter Maria Grazia, "dalla terra" , riserva CIRÒ, tenuta del conte


GRAPE: Gaglioppo
REGION: Ciro’ Marina, Calabria

GOOD TO KNOW: The Cirò wines comes from Calabria, a fruitful land full of vineyards. Tenuta Del Conte vines are dated 1960 -1965 and they produce the native grapes “Gaglioppo” and “Greco bianco”. Maria Grazia Parilla is taking the reins at Tenuta Del Conte. Her father, Francesco, still has primary responsibility for the vineyards, but she is running the cellar : “I have to like the wine I make, I can’t possibly sell something I don’t want to drink myself! “. This honesty led her to letting a longtime winemaker go in order to start a conversion to organic grape growing and natural wine making. “I realized that for me, making good wine was a way of respecting native grape varieties, our vineyards and my family”. Gaglioppo is a variety best known for producing soft red wines .The variety is the main grape in this part of Italy and has been used in the region for centuries. ONLY 5.000 bottles yearly made.

TASTE: Ruby colored wine with mixed taste of red berries, tobacco with a smokey flavor

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