Nicholas, Altare di Dogliani, Dolcetto

GRAPE: 100% Dolcetto
Dogliani, Piemonte

GOOD TO KNOW: 2015 was the first vintage of this young winegrower. Nicholas Altare is one of the most promising young winemakers in Piedmont. He took over the family business at the age of 16, as soon as his father agreed to convert to organic farming. Until 2015 his family had sold grapes to other winemakers. Then, with the support of Fernando Principiano (one of Piemonte’s leading natural winemakers), Nicholas started to vinify his own wine. The Dogliani from Nicholas Altare is made with 100% Dolcetto (a native black variety in Piedmont) and it is produced in limited quantity from Nicholas’ two hectares of vineyards in San Luigi, a small hamlet in the heart of the Dogliani designation

TASTE: cellar funk leads into dark ripe cherry and dark chocolate. Finishes just behind mid palate. Great value.

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