Loretto brothers, Chianti Puro, Fattoria Lavacchio

GRAPE: 100% Sangiovese
REGION: Chianti Ruffina, Toscana

 GOOD TO KNOW: an historical farm that came from 1700 when was built by Peruzzi' family. In 1800 passed to marquis Strozzi Sacrati of Mantova and finally, in 1978, to the current owners the brothers Lottero, who came from Genoa and has always been Tuscany lovers.This estate is also the home of a 250 years old Lebanon cedar tree. Amazing!. “Fattoria Lavacchio” also produces amazing olive oil, wheat derivates and different other grains. Since then the farm has preserved the best traditions of farm dedicated to the cultivation and production of organic wine and oil, combining old hand craft methods, the most modern techniques.

TASTE: the wine opens to a thick purple color and aromas of moreno cherry syrup. In the mouth it is soft and fruity with evident notes of vanilla and cherry. Dry and long finish.

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