Massimiliano, Gutturnio Frizzante Rosso Croci

GRAPE: 60% Barbera 40% Bonarda aka Croatina
REGION: Piacenza, Emilia Romagna

 GOOD TO KNOW: Croci is a small estate in the westernmost winegrowing sub-zone of Emilia-Romagna, the Colli Piacentini, just south of the city for which those hills are named (Piacenza) and on the eastern border of the Lombardy region. Massimiliano Croci is the current generation of vignaiolo running what started as his grandfather’s property in 1935. His focus is the traditional wine of the area: naturale white wines re-fermented in the bottle. Massimiliano assumed the management of vine-growing and wine-making in 1999. He observed that the older, more rustic, bottled-fermented wines had held up much better and were much more expressive of the land over time. Massimiliano’s “low and slow” approach is rare: the first and completely spontaneous fermentation slows down as winter approaches and eventually stops, picking back up again as spring warms up the partly fermented wines. The miracle of nature! 

TASTE: Intense concentrated, deep, slightly lively and very dry

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