Enoa, La Collina, Lambrusco

GRAPE: 20% Lambrusco Salamino, 40% Maestri,30% Grasparossa, 10% Malbo Gentile
REGION:Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna

GOOD TO KNOW: Lambrusco is a red-fizzy type of wine that has been made since the year 1567. “La Collina” was founded in 1975 by 12 young men, their gold was to have a family-like farm where people with addiction could recover in a warm community that teaches them how to farm. Impressive!” “La Collina” does not only produce wine, also they grow their own vegetables, fruits, cereals and they produce their own sausages, honey, pasta and meat products, all with respect of the land.”
TASTE : crunchy, bubbly, fun, dark color red wine, very rich in dark fruit, strong tannins.

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